State of the Art report by MediaNumeric

The State of the Art report provides an overview of data-driven storytelling in journalism and the creative industries, and of digital verification of disinformation and misinformation, i.e. factchecking.

Digitisation has changed all aspects of the news media landscape, from the way content is created to the way it is distributed and interacted with. Three factors determine the appearance and future of news media in Europe: declining trust and information distortion, digitisation and changing user behaviour, and the dominance of global technology and AI. These phenomena are shaking the foundations of the journalist profession.

The ‘State of the Art’ report¬†explores why it is important that more people learn how to work with large datasets and digital verification, who should learn these skills and what benefits this has for media organisations and for society as a whole. It looks at the tools and practices for training in this area, which is still relatively recent.

The State of the Art report has been published in February 2022 by MediaNumeric, an Erasmus+ project that provides a new generation of journalists & multimedia makers, the theoretical know-how and skills to help create a user-driven, fair and balanced European media ecosystem.


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