BENEDMO report: Resilient to disinformation

This report delves into efforts by the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), specifically the BENEDMO consortium, to combat misinformation in Dutch-speaking regions. It examines existing interventions, assesses their alignment with societal needs, and offers recommendations to bolster media literacy and resilience to disinformation.

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Misinformation, fake news, and disinformation have surged in the digital age, particularly through social media, posing threats to democracy and societal polarization. The European Commission’s EDMO project aims to tackle this issue, with the BENEDMO consortium focusing on Dutch-speaking regions. Key priorities include enhancing media literacy among the public and professionals to combat disinformation effectively. BENEDMO has identified over 100 Dutch-language interventions to bolster media literacy, analyzing their alignment with societal needs and competency requirements.

Recommendations from this report aim to strengthen existing materials and guide future developments in media literacy initiatives, benefiting both the BENEDMO consortium and external stakeholders. The report is structured into four chapters covering terminology, the media landscape, existing interventions, and conclusions with recommendations.

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