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Class Programme Lesson 1: ‘What is journalism?’

BENEDMO has refined and updated a class programme on journalism and disinformation consisting of four lessons. The first lesson addresses the question "what is journalism" and has been translated into English. It is the initial lesson in a package of four lessons on disinformation, but it can be used as an individual class.

The lessons are intended for upper secondary school.  Teacher guides with instructions per slide can be found in the walkthrough.  The lessons are designed to help students acquire essential skills and knowledge that make them more resilient to mis- and disinformation.

Lesson 1: ‘What is journalism?’
In the first lesson, students will learn about what news is, why journalism is important, how journalism operates, and factors that can negatively influence a journalist’s work.
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Download the Walkthrough (instructions)

This lesson was initially developed in the European collaboration project SMILES, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. The four lessons developed in that project have been expanded with an introductory lesson on journalism, and the lesson has been updated, enriched, and translated by BENEDMO. The first lesson about Journalism, is now made available on the BENEDMO website.

The English versions of lessons 2, 3, and 4 will be published later on the BENEDMO website. This first lesson serves as an introduction to journalism and is interactive in nature. Lesson 2 follows the same approach as lesson 1 and addresses disinformation as the topic. Lessons 3 and 4 provide further depth on disinformation, including explanations and practical assignments where students design their own disinformation campaigns. We recommend following all modules chronologically, but it’s also possible to teach the lessons individually.

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